Nobu hotel Barcelona – 150€ to 300€

When you book a room at the Nobu Hotel, expect to get enchanted by its intimate, luxurious settings. And there’s the city of Barcelona with all its charm and the Mediterranean vibe. This establishment is a great option for the sophisticated traveller looking for the good things in life.

Nobu provides access to 259 spacious rooms and suites from which to choose. Imagine yourself walking into one of the sleek, lavish suites and rooms. You’ll also enjoy access to the world-class Nobu Restaurant. Here, expect to experience memorable multisensory culinary moments. What’s more, you enjoy tasty meals while taking in panoramic city views.

This dog-friendly hotel makes it easier to explore and stay in Barcelona with your four-legged friend. There’s also a well-equipped spa and wellness centre to help you stay rejuvenated and energized. The ultra-modern facilities provide a relaxing environment to enjoy bespoke treatments. You can opt for organic-based therapies to boost your overall wellness. Also, there are yoga classes if you’re looking to stretch and reset.