About this Barcelona hotels’ guide

Barcelona is a great city, with a lot of hotels that seem really nice on the Internet. But as you know, your experience from an hotel to another can be very, very different.

Here you will find only a small selection of around 50 hotels, all four- or five-star rated and all with something extra to offer, be it a rooftop terrace, a swimming pool, a spa, magnificent interior architecture, or in some cases all of these things at once! 

All the hotels included on this website are rated at least 8 out of 10 by Booking.com customers. 

To filter the hotels, select the highligths your prefer, as well as your price range and the location on the right-hand side then click “Apply filters”. 

Bon voyage! 

What do we mean by:
Spa = at least a Jacuzzi or a sauna or a hammam in the hotel
Central location = hotel located in a central arrondissement: from the 1st arrondissement to the 9th arrondissement 
Spacious rooms = the smallest rooms in the hotel are 20 square meters minimum
Great interior design = a real effort has been done to nicely decorate the rooms and the hotel, in a unique manner
Amazing views : some of the rooms (or the restaurant) have a great view on monuments or the city
Price range : average price of the cheapest bedroom in mid season (except Fashion weeks or Roland Garros)